Posted on May 27, 2010 at 2:24 PM

When will my star shine among the galaxy

For that beautiful angel admiring to see me

When will someone find me 

As I walk through the gate of love everyday

I'm alone, wandering and going insane

Loneliness is washing me away like the flood

And age is gradually fading my beauty away

I have a good and loving heart

Yet my desire of finding happiness is falling apart

I cry every night not because I'm sick or afraid of death

but because i'm scared that loneliness will be my partner for life

I cry because I'm in agony, pain of not finding someone to love me

All I want is someone I can call my own,

Who will be by my side from dawn to sunset

so we can hold each other, look in our eyes and caress

All I want is someone who can stand up for me,

who I will share my time and joy with-

who won't even frown or leave me when I'm wrong

Am I asking too much? is this not what everyone wish for?

Oh when will life treat me right and give me what I want

Many paths have I crossed just to find that special one,

And many miles have I walked to meet the one- 

who will make my heart rejoice all the time but

anytime I think i finally found someone,

disappointment and sorrows do I bring home

I'm grieved and anxious of what tomorrow holds for me and

Fear is what knocks on my door whenever someone get closer to me

Because I have many wounds unhealed,

and have had many broken heart unfixed

I wonder when this entire dilemma will end so I can be

Happy with the one who chooses to love me

Everyday my friends tell me to keep believing,

I've tried and shown my love many times

Yet no one seems to be receiving

My youthful years is being wasted in seclusion

Who will show interest in me when I'm old and worn out?

I need someone to love me, I want someone to tell me that I'm the

one they have been waiting for all these years

Nevertheless, I wont give up, I'll continue to dream and hope

that one day, I'll wake up to see my angel right beside me

And I'll give a wide smile out

 ~John Kasody ~


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Reply Joslyn Skye
3:10 PM on May 27, 2010 
wow... this was very touching... can I keep you?
John, you should be so proud of yourself for being able to put together a piece like this , so many people can relate.. it's truely beautiful.
Reply John Kasody
7:38 AM on May 29, 2010 
Hey Joslyn, thanks for your kind words and I appreciate that you like this poem. Haha, can you keep me?
Reply delighted2mtu
2:45 AM on June 4, 2010 
Excellent "visually" identifyin!!! Thank you!
Reply John Kasody
3:22 AM on June 4, 2010 
Thank you Diane. I'm glad you like this poem. I also like it very much. And you're very welcome.

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