My True Feelings

Posted on May 24, 2010 at 7:13 PM

Are you a sister to the stars 

or are you a daughter of the sun

these eyes you have are not common on earth

they are possessed by angels

who see through walls and the heart of men

so if you're my guardian,

then i would like to fly with you to your dwelling place

or if you're the one that count my sins in Heaven,

Then you better do me this favor and cover this confession

For my heart cannot sleep until it has heard from you

And my soul jubilates as if it has seen redemption

What aura surrounds you that draw me to you?

How deep is your wisdom that you speak

understandable words to calm my soul

I'm motionless because my eyes have seen an angel

And I've become speechless because 

I'm stunned by your peerless beauty

No matter how hard I try to control my emotions

It never works,

No matter how much my mind tries to avoid your thoughts

It never works either

My eyes wet with tears when I see you

Not tears of sadness or pains

But tears of joy that finally my dream has come into reality

You've shown up at the right time

The time when all have backed out on me

Surely, you can't be from this earth to discern times like this

Where you came from must be really peaceful and full of mysteries

Because I have been defeated by something 

that I cannot see it source

I surrender to this feeling that only get worse by preventing

I surrender to you, because i cannot live with 

this emotional struggle anymore

For I have found love that precious stones cannot buy

Never will I look elsewhere for happiness

when you're right by my side because 

You're like a blood running through my veins

And I'm alive because you're alive in me

~ John Kasody ~


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Reply Alison
7:44 PM on May 24, 2010 
This is a beautiful poem. woww ... i have read many poems but this one is really good.. keep it up.. i hope to read more of those .
Reply John Kasody
7:52 PM on May 24, 2010 
Thanks Alison, i appreciate it. Well if you want to read more of those poems, then get a copy of my book. You'll enjoy reading them.
Reply Valerie Harris
10:31 PM on May 26, 2010 
i love this poem right here very done a great job.
Reply joni
1:49 AM on May 29, 2010 
you've expressed something truly amazing in this poem.
Reply John Kasody
7:31 AM on May 29, 2010 
Hi Joni, I'm glad you like the poem when you read it. Thank you for visiting my site too and you're always welcome to visit and comment on anything here.

Reply John Kasody
7:35 AM on May 29, 2010 
thanks Valerie. I'm glad you like this poem. Take care and continuing writing more poems yourself and let the world know of it. :)

Reply Valerie Harris
1:24 PM on May 29, 2010 
No.Thank you John,I'm glad you have inspired me to write more of my poems out and type them out to be published by this year.(I hope) and i will do you that favore to let the world know of my poems.I just hope that you stay ok and your family and that you do the same.Take care.God Bless.
Your Friend,
~Valerie M. Harris~

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