Posted on May 29, 2010 at 2:18 PM
They say a man never cries even when his love dies
But holds the feeling of pain , nevertheless
This feeling of loneliness because of my love's absence
Can never subside even when I try hard to hide my cry
The moment my love left me that night
My body died down and my soul became dejected
And the world around me suddenly became blue and
The sounds of laughter and happiness ceased 
Drops of tears from my eyes splashed and wet the dry floor
And I was not sure If i could live to see the next day
The plea for my love to show mercy and stay fell on deaf ears
As she turned away and didn't care about my clouded face
My aching heart was ripping apart and emptiness filled my soul
The hope and belief that my love would return didn't come true
As everything turned upside down when I least expected
If tears could bring my love back and make everything right again,
Then she wouldn't have been able to sleep that same night
There wasn't a single fight we didn't settle amicably or
A misunderstanding that we didn't come to an agreement
She was my dream I pursued everyday,
She was the source of my daily joy and
The only one who saw my true smiles
She was my haven where I run to when I was scared
I worshiped and adored her like a goddess
How can love be so wicked to those that truly open their hearts,
And not give them a chance to live in their dreams
How can love be so cruel to those that love with all their lives,
And make them regret ever loving
She took our happiness away and left me in bitterness
Bitterness that has built an abode in me
An abode that can never be destroyed when still in pain
A pain that feeds on my soul every day
Is this the love that many dream to have or be in?
Is this the love that many rush into without thinking of the risks?
Is this the price of love or the bad side of life?
She chose him over me, their one day romance
She lied to me even though I didn't deserve that
She denied me the chance to make things right,
Saying the end of love is to leave and to love is to forgive
All I see now is darkness everywhere, a future of nowhere
A life of solitude that says goodbye to love

~John Kasody~


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Reply Joslyn Skye
1:00 AM on May 30, 2010 
I love this piece... honestly... John, you're amazing.
Reply John Kasody
6:27 PM on May 30, 2010 
Aww, thanks Joslyn :)

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