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Posted on June 23, 2010 at 4:57 PM Comments comments (1)

I hold in my hand a treasure

Someone worthy of imitation

A paragon of virtue that makes me bliss

whom when I let go,

I lose everything worth living for

She's the only butterfly my net nabbed

whom many other sturdy hunters pursued-

desirously, fervidly and enduringly

She's what my eyes take pleasure in admiring

from sunrise to sunset

For her impeccable beauty overwhelms me

She's close to my heart, her repress feelings of love

Makes me open up completely without any arriere pensee

I love her more as each day passes,

She's the eye of my heart whom

I hide no secrets from

We never miss a night under the moon making 

wishes to our stars

And when we sit in our love seat chuckling,

then there's something amusing that we've remembered;

that's the first day we kissed

Here I am with her, our night

filled with splendor of love praise

Here I am with her,

The love of my life

~ John Kasody ~

   (c) 2010


Posted on May 30, 2010 at 6:36 PM Comments comments (1)

I dreamed a dream

Not a vision of the night

I dreamt of you and I; my love, of us

A dream of two lovers openly and lovingly

sharing their love in a warm embrace

I dreamed a dream

That has not made my mind whirling

I dreamt of you and I; my dearest, of us

walking down the aisle to

exchange long lasting love promises and vows

I dreamed a dream

I was under no illusion of who I dreamt about

I dreamt of you and I; my sweet love, of us

looking desirous in each other's eyes

and kissing with passion

You're my dream; my love

For when I see you, this dream comes alive

Without you, there wouldn't be

anything to dream about

Because I have fallen deeply in love

I've fallen in love with this girl whose

character is a replica of those from above

And whose heart is purely divine

I fell for a girl whose gentle soul

connects to mine whenever we meet

If I lose you, I lose life's reality

I lose the very essence of living

Because I realized there's no life for me

If you don't exist in my life

Your love is like wine, and I easily knew

you were the right one when you came along

No matter the many soft voices I hear calling

Yet I'm able to distinguish yours from them

For only your voice do my ears hear

So even if the earth turns upside down for 

the seas to overflow unto our world

even there I'll not cease to tell you

how much I love you; because

I love you

~ John Kasody ~

(c) 2010


Posted on May 29, 2010 at 2:18 PM Comments comments (2)
They say a man never cries even when his love dies
But holds the feeling of pain , nevertheless
This feeling of loneliness because of my love's absence
Can never subside even when I try hard to hide my cry
The moment my love left me that night
My body died down and my soul became dejected
And the world around me suddenly became blue and
The sounds of laughter and happiness ceased 
Drops of tears from my eyes splashed and wet the dry floor
And I was not sure If i could live to see the next day
The plea for my love to show mercy and stay fell on deaf ears
As she turned away and didn't care about my clouded face
My aching heart was ripping apart and emptiness filled my soul
The hope and belief that my love would return didn't come true
As everything turned upside down when I least expected
If tears could bring my love back and make everything right again,
Then she wouldn't have been able to sleep that same night
There wasn't a single fight we didn't settle amicably or
A misunderstanding that we didn't come to an agreement
She was my dream I pursued everyday,
She was the source of my daily joy and
The only one who saw my true smiles
She was my haven where I run to when I was scared
I worshiped and adored her like a goddess
How can love be so wicked to those that truly open their hearts,
And not give them a chance to live in their dreams
How can love be so cruel to those that love with all their lives,
And make them regret ever loving
She took our happiness away and left me in bitterness
Bitterness that has built an abode in me
An abode that can never be destroyed when still in pain
A pain that feeds on my soul every day
Is this the love that many dream to have or be in?
Is this the love that many rush into without thinking of the risks?
Is this the price of love or the bad side of life?
She chose him over me, their one day romance
She lied to me even though I didn't deserve that
She denied me the chance to make things right,
Saying the end of love is to leave and to love is to forgive
All I see now is darkness everywhere, a future of nowhere
A life of solitude that says goodbye to love

~John Kasody~



Posted on May 29, 2010 at 1:52 PM Comments comments (3)

Your thoughts keep getting into my head
Anytime I try to lie down on my bed
And I'm trying not to lose my mind at this young age
When I think of you every second as if we're engaged
I never imagined myself falling hard for you this way,
That sometimes I could sit and dream about you all day
I figured that not only my mind have you taken control of
But have also filled the hole that's deep down in my soul
Your warm voice makes me melt like wax
and I become like a doormat that you fall on and relax
When you stare at me with your pure and charming eyes
I become so weak and behave like some sort of freak
O your love has exposed me and I'm no more a disguise
I've fallen and drowning in your pool of love, my dear
And you're the only one that can rescue me
Babe, I've never loved anyone in my life as I love you
And I believe you're the one
that was sent to me from above
So I cross my heart to defend
your honor at all times and
I'll make sure you have everything you need-
no matter the cost
Now that you know that there's no one else-
that can take your place
Never let this feeling end for my friends-
will scorn me to death
Now that you know my mind
cannot take any other thought 
except your own, don't ever leave me for I'll lose my breath
Because when I close my eyes
and begin to think so high,
the only thing I see is,
two of us walking a journey of a thousand miles

~John Kasody ~

 (c) 2010


Posted on May 27, 2010 at 2:24 PM Comments comments (4)

When will my star shine among the galaxy

For that beautiful angel admiring to see me

When will someone find me 

As I walk through the gate of love everyday

I'm alone, wandering and going insane

Loneliness is washing me away like the flood

And age is gradually fading my beauty away

I have a good and loving heart

Yet my desire of finding happiness is falling apart

I cry every night not because I'm sick or afraid of death

but because i'm scared that loneliness will be my partner for life

I cry because I'm in agony, pain of not finding someone to love me

All I want is someone I can call my own,

Who will be by my side from dawn to sunset

so we can hold each other, look in our eyes and caress

All I want is someone who can stand up for me,

who I will share my time and joy with-

who won't even frown or leave me when I'm wrong

Am I asking too much? is this not what everyone wish for?

Oh when will life treat me right and give me what I want

Many paths have I crossed just to find that special one,

And many miles have I walked to meet the one- 

who will make my heart rejoice all the time but

anytime I think i finally found someone,

disappointment and sorrows do I bring home

I'm grieved and anxious of what tomorrow holds for me and

Fear is what knocks on my door whenever someone get closer to me

Because I have many wounds unhealed,

and have had many broken heart unfixed

I wonder when this entire dilemma will end so I can be

Happy with the one who chooses to love me

Everyday my friends tell me to keep believing,

I've tried and shown my love many times

Yet no one seems to be receiving

My youthful years is being wasted in seclusion

Who will show interest in me when I'm old and worn out?

I need someone to love me, I want someone to tell me that I'm the

one they have been waiting for all these years

Nevertheless, I wont give up, I'll continue to dream and hope

that one day, I'll wake up to see my angel right beside me

And I'll give a wide smile out

 ~John Kasody ~



Posted on May 25, 2010 at 11:07 AM Comments comments (2)

The sound of your mighty power did shake me

Like a sudden earthquake

When I came to your throne with a yearning heart

And the Holy Spirit ablaze in me

Convicting my heart of every lustful desires

And I was weakened in my body and spirit

Thereby confessing my unholy acts unto you

Then your presence filled me and

I was surrounded by your breath

Deeply I breathe you into my life

And your words became my comfort

All my sins were forgiven,

I was set free from bondage and

My burdens were lifted off my head

You led me into the path of righteousness

And now your blessing is falling on me

Like the snow imbuing me with riches

Your mercies and grace upon me is just

Like the summer sun that stops shinning not

I'm a new man, my old nature has passed away

New smiles and new happiness has flourished my soul

I'm now a child of the most High-

born into the Kingdom of God

I've been saved, saved from this deceitful world

I forever rejoice, I'm forever grateful

So grateful to see his redemption

~John Kasody ~


Posted on May 24, 2010 at 9:23 PM Comments comments (8)

I've been told

there's a new sense of happiness

 in my eyes whenever i smile

I've been told that

My life has changed suddenly

In a way that it's easily noticed when I pass by

But they don't know you're the secret behind this

They haven't yet realized you're the reason why

I laugh loud, smile so bright and

do my best in everything I pursue

I've loved and enjoyed many moments with people

who are close to my heart, who I still consider as part of me

But with you I share my joy, my passion and

my deepest love that no one knows -

a love that unifies our heart and soul

With you I share a common desire, hope and

a wish to live with you forever

Because life without you is like

a body without a soul

To endure this life journey without you will be

 like living without having a purpose or direction

Love is sweet but you're dearly delectable

for gentle and enduring is your love

When I wake up every morning, all I want

To hear is your soft spoken voice in my ears

So I'll know my love is right by my side

All I want to see when I look at you 

is to behold your desirous eyes and smiles

with a great sense of pride for 

this precious gift God has given unto me

I cherish you so much my dearest because

when my eyes looked around for that perfect love,

It was you it chose, it was you my heart loved

You know what to say at the right time and 

You're not afraid to stand up for what you believe in

I'll give up everything just to be with you

because I love you

You're the only sweet thing I never forget 

~ John Kasody ~

My True Feelings

Posted on May 24, 2010 at 7:13 PM Comments comments (7)

Are you a sister to the stars 

or are you a daughter of the sun

these eyes you have are not common on earth

they are possessed by angels

who see through walls and the heart of men

so if you're my guardian,

then i would like to fly with you to your dwelling place

or if you're the one that count my sins in Heaven,

Then you better do me this favor and cover this confession

For my heart cannot sleep until it has heard from you

And my soul jubilates as if it has seen redemption

What aura surrounds you that draw me to you?

How deep is your wisdom that you speak

understandable words to calm my soul

I'm motionless because my eyes have seen an angel

And I've become speechless because 

I'm stunned by your peerless beauty

No matter how hard I try to control my emotions

It never works,

No matter how much my mind tries to avoid your thoughts

It never works either

My eyes wet with tears when I see you

Not tears of sadness or pains

But tears of joy that finally my dream has come into reality

You've shown up at the right time

The time when all have backed out on me

Surely, you can't be from this earth to discern times like this

Where you came from must be really peaceful and full of mysteries

Because I have been defeated by something 

that I cannot see it source

I surrender to this feeling that only get worse by preventing

I surrender to you, because i cannot live with 

this emotional struggle anymore

For I have found love that precious stones cannot buy

Never will I look elsewhere for happiness

when you're right by my side because 

You're like a blood running through my veins

And I'm alive because you're alive in me

~ John Kasody ~



Posted on May 24, 2010 at 4:29 AM Comments comments (9)

I will be posting some of my new projects (poetry) soon. One is already displayed on my home page. So keep checking my blog and you will enjoy yourself.


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